Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd. A not for profit Charitable Organization Providing Supports to Adults with Developmental Challenges


About Us


Resourceful Futures operates with a small and efficient administration team. Together, the team of eight has over 100 years of experience in the Community Disability Services Sector. Resourceful Futures has been in operation since May 1991 and is a not for profit agency. The Agency receives the majority of their funding through Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Calgary Region Community Board.


Resourceful Futures strives to be a leader in Community Disability Services: To be resourceful, innovative, and collaborative with other human services agencies extracting and implementing best practices for each person receiving supports to be well connected to their families, support homes and communities.


The Administration and Service Delivery Team


The administration team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency, including leadership, community liaison, financial management, human resource management, office management, filing, reception, etc. It consists of the following leaders:



Rob Halfyard

CEO, (Founder 1991), RSW, Grief Coach


Rob has been involved with Disability Services in the Calgary region for over 30 years. He is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) and is a Laughter Yoga Teacher and Grief Counsellor. Rob began his career at Baker Center in Calgary at the front line level and worked his way up, deciding to set up his own agency in 1991 to fulfill his vision of community disability services. Rob was born and raised in Nova Scotia.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1185




Eric Jensen

Director of Administration (Founder 1991), B.A., M.E.Des.


Eric is a co-founder of Resourceful Futures. Eric has extensive experience in the field of disability services, having worked with disabled adults for over 30 years, both as a front line worker and Handibus driver. He brings a wealth of experience to his position, including accounting, human resource management and design. Eric was born and raised in Saskatchewan.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1181




Lisa McKee

Finance/HR Manager (with RFCSL since 1993).


Lisa has extensive experience in the field of disability services, having worked in the field for over 20 years, and is currently a residential careprovider. Lisa now manages payroll, benefits and administrative functions for the company, and is in training for more senior responsibilities. Lisa was born in New Brunswick and raised in the maritimes.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1184




Linda Morris

Client Services Manager (with RFCSL since 2000)


Linda has been with RFCSL for over 14 years, and has extensive experience with client programming. She is well versed in all aspects of disability services and is an onsite trainer for the company, specializing in Crisis Prevention Intervention training. Linda was born and raised in B.C.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1183






Shelly Nedoborski

Program Service Coordinator (with RFCSL since 1999)


Shelly started with RFCSL as a front line worker and later became a team leader before becoming a coordinator. Shelly is a seasoned coordinator and is also involved in training for the company, specializing in behaviour support. Shelly was born and raised in Nova Scotia.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1186




Tracy Dunn

Program Service Coordinator (with RFCSL since 2004)


Tracy began her career in disability services with Resourceful Futures. She was promoted to Coordinator and now has several years experience in her latest role. Tracy was born and raised in Nova Scotia.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1187





Kendra Sillito

Program Service Coordinator (with RFCSL since 1999)


Kendra began her disability career 15 years ago at the front line, working her way up to Team Leader and then to her current position as coordinator. Kendra was born in Ontario and moved to Alberta as a young child.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1182






Jessamine Chuang, MDCS

Team Leader (with RFCSL since 2009).


Jessamine was a Senior Community Disability Practitioner with Resourceful Futures prior to becoming Team Leader.  Jessamine was born and raised in Taiwan.  She has both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Disability and Community Studies from the University of Calgary.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1189





Marylenn Cortes

Team Leader (with RFCSL since 2008).


Marylenn recently joined the leadership team after working front line for the past 6 years. Marylenn is a leader in cultural diversity. Marylenn was born in Italy and raised in the Phillipines.


Contact info: 403-531-8631 ext 1188