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Testimonials from staff on the company's core values


"I find that all the staff members are willing and ready to assist a caregiver when there is need."


"Action harvests many positive outcomes."


"The feeling of compassion is very palpable at our organization."


"I feel like I work at a place where I can be open and honest."




Career Opportunities


Resourceful Futures takes pride in hiring Community Disability Workers who are professional, passionate, compassionate, and non-judgmental with exceptional communication skills.


Resourceful Futures strongly promotes cultural diversity. Currently we have over 20 different flags hanging in our dayroom representing the diversity within our organization.


Below, we have identified the primary job profiles at Resourceful Futures. If you are working in the field of Community Disability Services or are thinking about a career in this sector, and want to work for an organization that is on the leading edge, we want to hear from you.




Resourceful Futures'  Primary Job Profiles



Community Disability Worker

The CDW is an entry level, front line community disability role that has responsibility to support and facilitate the development of skills and competencies that will assist persons with disabilities to pursue and fulfill their goals, objectives and aspirations.


Community Disability Practitioner

The CDP is an experienced direct support role in the field, providing direct support to individual's with disabilities, as well as participating in assessment, person-centered planning, and plan implementation. While many of the core activities are similar to those of a Community Disability Services Worker, their application is typically relative to more complicated and/or specialized individual situations or environments. The role typically requires additional specialized education/training and more extensive experience to provide support in more complex circumstances, as well as cover a broader range of service and support options. In some cases, the Community Disability Practitioner will focus activities within a particular area of service/support and/or coordination of other less experience service providers, but without full supervisory responsibility.


Senior Community Disability Practitioner

The SCDP is an experienced direct support role in the field, providing direct support to individuals with complex needs. It requires similar education and training to the CDP position, but there is an added expectation to be able to work with virtually any client and their challenging behaviours. It requires a greater level of confidence and competence than the CDP position.


Residential Supports (Permitted Subcontractor)

This position is funded on a monthly fee for service under a contractual agreement and remuneration is based on experience, education and the ability to provide the required supports. This position requires that an Adult with Developmental Disabilities is cared for in your primary place of residence. The individual is responsible for paying room and board fees. You are typically not responsible for providing care from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday, except for statutory holidays and/or whenever the individual is not attending programs during these hours.


NOTE: If you are applying to be a Permitted Subcontractor, please ensure your credentials are equivalent to a Community Disability Practitioner level.


Team Leader

The Team Leader role typically incorporates front-line supervisory functions and direct support/service responsibilities. It is designed in the career progression as a first step into broader operational and/or organizational leadership. A key responsibility is training and support for other, less-experienced direct service staff.



The Coordinator role has responsibility for operational leadership for a set of services or processes within and agency/organization. While there may be some direct service contacts dealing with service coordination issues, the role is primarily operational oversight. Key aspects of the role include the development and implementation of process guidelines, service monitoring and evaluation, service delivery coordination and intervention, budget administration and management, funding proposal development, and community liaison. This role may take on various other responsibilities depending upon the size of the agency and scope of services provided.


Client Services Manager

The Client Services Manager oversees all client related programs and services. This is a senior position reporting directly to the Executive Director. The manager is responsible for dealing with issues of concern and staying up to date on providing the best possible service options to our clients.


Finance/HR Manager

The Finance/HR Manager is responsible for the day to day financial and human resource responsibilities within the organization such as payroll, benefit administration, accounts receivable and accounts payable. This is a senior level position reporting to the Director of Administration.


Director of Administration

The Director of Administration oversees all administrative roles within the organization. They are responsible for; ensuring compliance with government bodies including the Canada Revenue Agency, Alberta Labour Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, City of Calgary, etc.; supervising payroll, benefit and other day to day administrative operations; ensuring compliance with contracts; developing budgets; overseeing business contracts for suitability, compliance and cost effectiveness; developing long term business plans and human resource strategies; reporting financial results and planning to the board of directors.


Executive Director

The Program Director has the lead role with broader strategic, operational and service area responsibility. This role has responsibility for input to the organization's strategic agenda and direct leadership responsibility for the agency's business/service plan.




To learn more about these career opportunities, please send us your resume and/or contact:


Lisa Mckee

Finance/HR Manager

(403) 531 8631 ext: 201

Fax: (403) 531 8639


Mailing Address:

2918  3rd Ave. N.E.

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We would like to thank you in advance for submitting your resume. We will contact you if we are considering you for a position within our organization.