Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd. A not for profit Charitable Organization Providing Supports to Adults with Developmental Challenges

Training Opportunities


Resourceful Futures is very pleased to announce an innovative new training opportunity with Open Future Learning based in the UK.  This is a series of modules providing inspirational training for the Disability Workforce (including subcontractors).  At any one time, up to 99 participants will be able to take training on a web based platform at their own pace of learning.   Industry leaders have developed a large number of modules that are timely and relevant to our sector.  Clients in program will also have the opportunity to take part in learning modules relevant to them.  Check out their website at



Community Collaboration


Resourceful Futures believes in working in collaboration with external Human Services agencies with a focus of BEST PRACTICES for Albertans receiving government funded supports. Resourceful Futures believes incorporating BEST PRACTICES into the Community Disability Services sector standards will ultimately enhance the professional services being provided, resulting in superior outcomes with the limited financial resources available.



RFCSL Collaboration Committees/Councils involvement:


Internal: Employee Relations Advisors

              Health and Safety Committee

              Supportive Rights Committee

              Monthly Leadership Meetings

              Weekly Service Delivery Meetings

              Monthly Frontline Team meetings

              Client Advisory Committee



External: Alberta Council of Disability Services, Standards Review Committee,

              CET/Accreditation Surveyor

              Member of Calgary Rehabilitation Service Provider Council of Calgary

              Regular involvement with community forums and surveys


It is Resourceful Futures' intent to EXCEED the minimum Community Disability Services Industry Standards.





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                         Employee of the Month

                                       May 2019


                  Dinah Bangsoyao


Dinah started with RFCSL in Oct 2015 as a CDSW.  SHe has since been promoted to CDSP.  She is a strong representative on the Health and Safety committee.  She has proven to be a very dedicated worker devoted to our Vision, Mission and Values.  She works very effectively with all clients, but especially with clients having challenging behaviours and high needs.  Dinah's primary focus is serving clients with dignity. 


Dinah is truly an advocate for each client she is assigned to and always highlights her best qualities.  She is a great team player.  


Well done Dinah, and Congrats!!!!