Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd. A not for profit Charitable Organization Providing Supports to Adults with Developmental Challenges




Our programs are available for Adults with Developmental Disabilities 18 years of age or older who are eligible to receive funding from Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Calgary Region Community Board or other private or government-funded sources.


Available Services

The programs offered are tailored to individual needs and desires and emphasize independence and initiative.


Residential Support

Residential services consist of Live-in Support homes, throughout the City of Calgary and area, with one or two clients in the same home. Live-in Support Homes provide clients with a live in caregiver called a Permitted Subcontractor. The supports are typically provided from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.; Monday to Friday; twenty-four hours on weekends, statutory holidays; during day program closures or when the client is ill. The Permitted Subcontractors are required to be in full compliance to the ACDS  CET Provincial Standards through a Support Home Service Agreement with Resourceful Futures.


Community Access

Community Access services are designed to assist clients to explore and engage in meaningful daytime activities, based on their circumstances, desires and interests, typically between 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; Monday through Friday. Staff to client ratio is dependent on the needs of the individual. Resourceful Futures Community Access program operates from 432-28 Street N.E., Calgary, Alberta.


In/Out of Home Respite

Respite supports work in conjunction with live-in residential supports. This service is an extended support service for represented adults who require intensive supports. The supports can be in and/or out of the home, depending on the client's needs and circumstances. Through the Support Home Service Agreement with Resourceful Futures, all respite workers are held to the same standard of support, credentials and compliance to the ACDS CET Provincial standards.


To find out more information about our services, contact


Linda Morris, Program Services Manager

2918  3rd  Ave. N.E.

Calgary, AB T2A 6T7

Tel :   (403) 531-8631 ext 1183

Fax :  (403) 531-8639





Building Stronger Communities


"Everyone deserves to have a meaningful life"

We build stronger communities when we help one another. Everyone requires support and encouragement to achieve his or her full potential.


What You Can Do


  • Look at the ABILITY not the disability
  • Treat everyone with a disability the same way you would treat any other person, with dignity and respect
  • Speak up when discrimination occurs
  • If a person with a disability is with an able-bodied companion or interpreter, address the person with a disability directly rather than addressing the companion
  • Include people with disabilities and encourage participation within the communities


Help Eliminate Barriers


  • ASK a person with a disability if they require help, don't assume
  • Leave the accessible parking spots for people who need them
  • Advocate for accessible and barrier-free environments
  • Develop communication material in alternative formats including plain language



"I feel safe here, validated.  My quality of life over the years has improved and I feel Resourceful is my great big family!"


Arlene R.,

Cantina Manager,

client for 15 years