Best Friends Alzheimer Training


November 16


09:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Category:

Upcoming Training


Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd (3436 25 Street NE, Calgary Alberta, Canada)

Resourceful Futures Community Support Ltd (3436 25 Street NE, Calgary Alberta, Canada)

Best Friends

Alzheimer Society

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Purpose- To define Alzheimer’s Disease and provide approaches to caregivers that include dignity, respect, and compassion to those who suffer with this unforgivable disease.

The Best Friends philosophy describes a way of thinking about Alzheimer’s Disease that redefines dementia care. Its main principles are:

Being Person Centered

* The person that has Alzheimer’s Disease has value, has feelings that need recognition and has a spirit that needs nurturing.

Understanding that Alzheimer’s Disease is a continuum

* “When you’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s Disease, you’ve met just one person with Alzheimer’s Disease”- more than a series of stages, each person will experience the disease in their own unique way.

Acknowledge and appreciate the Life story

* Life history, attitudes and traditions are acknowledged and embraced in all we do for the person with dementia.

KNACK- A model of learning that will reinforce the ability to do difficult things with ease.

Knowledge- Understanding the physiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia and appreciating the unique experience of each person with dementia.

Nurturing-Through knowing their life story, care becomes relevant to each person.

Approach-Effective communication with the person with dementia is the foundation to good quality dementia care.

Community- Facilitating successful and meaningful activities into every aspect of the persons’ life keeps the person engaged and builds a sense of community.

Kinship- Including family and friends in the care program and empowering them to become partners in caregiving.

Define What is a life story

Group activity

Question Period

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