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Newsletter April 2023

Highlights of this quarters issue:

• Community Access Program Updates from our CEO, Rob H.
• Share Vision
• Committee Updates

Director's Corner

April 2023

Community Access Staff Changes:

 RFCSL is undergoing some changes within the leadership team.  Marylenn has resigned from her Team Leader position as she is moving away from Calgary and Jessamine has moved into a different role. RFCSL would like to THANK these two ladies for their years of contributions. Additionally, we would like to wish Marylenn and Jessamine the absolute best in their future endeavors.

RFCSL would like to introduce the new Community Access Team Leader Department:

Rakesh Patel: Community Access Team Coordinator; Sharon Cui: (bottom left) Team Leader and Guien Codiaman (bottom right), Assistant Team Leader.

HR / Program CoordinatorsKendra Silito is now a full-time HR Manager.  Please direct all Contract /HR inquiries directly to Kendra. Shelly and Tracy will remain as the Program Coordinators and have taken over Kendra’s caseload.

These changes commenced April 1st, with the exception for Guien, who joined on April 10th, 2023. It is truly amazing to witness the high level of expertise that all these succession leaders brought into their new roles/positions. We have seen an abundance of amazing positive changes as evidenced by feedback from frontline and management in such a short period of time. We are super excited to see what the future holds once they are completely adjusted into their new position. Please join RFCSL in congratulating each one on their promotions. They are rocking the positive vibes, energy and amazing efficient systems, HR processes and programs for the individuals we serve. These folks have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is always room for improvement. Well done, Team!!!!!!!! We are in the process of planning RFCSL’s Second Annual Support Workers Annual celebrations (permitted subcontractors and all employees) for August 2023. An exact date and time will be announced very soon. Keep your eyes open and we hope you plan on attending as this year will be an amazing celebration.

"Your smile and attitude make coming to work a pleasure every day!"

Happy Spring Everyone!

Rob Halfyard, CEO

Client Services Manager

Many changes have occurred at Resourceful Futures regarding the clients we serve.  You may not see some familiar faces anymore as we have had a few individuals from our seniors group move on to long-term care. This leaves our agency with openings to bring on new clients that have been waiting without support for a lengthy period.  I am currently doing intake interviews for both residential and community access services.  I will ensure a posting is sent out through Humi when we get to the point of hiring a new home if applicable so keep your eye out for that. 

Even though it is sad to see our client family leave us, we need to remember that they are moving forward, which is good for them. It will be exciting getting to know all the new individuals that will be joining us within the next few months.  So, when you see a new person, please reach out and give them the best Resourceful Welcome.

An artwork by Jerry P.


Coordinators Corner

April showers bring May flowers! It was great to see everyone over the past month! You all continued to do an amazing job! We would like to congratulate Kendra on moving forward on her new position in HR and for all her hard work setting up Share Vision. Please make sure you check your emails for your log in and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you. Thanks everyone for your cooperation and understanding with the new Share Vision program which is now up and running. Kendra you will be missed! We have started a “Time to Shine” award for our Permitted Subcontractors and would like to congratulate the staff of the month from January which was Mark B, February Lisa H, and March Christina T. Well deserved!!!! If there is anything that we can assist with please do not hesitate to call, email or stop by. Looking forward to see you all soon!!! Shelly and Tracy  Shelly Nedoborski Program Coordinator Resourceful Futures 587-747-1186

Community Access Program

In behalf of Rakesh P. (Community Access Team Coordinator) and Guien G. (Assistant Team Leader), we are excited to be on board in performing these new roles that are entrusted to us for the best interest and well-being of our clients that we serve. We will continue to be committed, to assist, to train, or in many other ways that we can bring to strengthen our front line staff who are the back bone of our Agency.

We started using Share Vision application, which we encourage you to learn and use this helpful tool to submit your Daily Log Notes and other important documentation and reports. The Daily Expenditure Tracking has been updated and simplified for easy understanding in tracking the flow of our client’s funds. “Thank you Kendra” for your guide and support as we explore and learn more about this program. Share Vision application is new to most of us and we will continue to learn more about the system as we use it every day. Eventually, everything that are in the client’s binder will all be available in Share Vision, it will all be just be a click away. We are excited as Resourceful Futures is heading to adapt digitalizing and paperless system very soon.

The next agenda we are working on are our clients Weekly Activity Planner. Hopefully, clients summer activities will start in May. Keep in mind that your constructive feedback is always welcome.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition to a better version of our Community Access Program. We are all in this together and together we can make things happen in a positive way.

Please enjoy the photos from our Day Program activities.

See you around!!!

Sharon C.

Team Leader

Upcoming Celebration:

Committee Members Update:

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