Regularly Scheduled Zoom Meetings for Community Access.

We are offering a wide range of events virtually (online). Everything from group chats, individual meetings, bingo, music class, world travel, “how-to”, topical discussions, and anything else you might like to add!

Passcode for all ZOOM meetings: Rfcsl



Meeting ID: 89615179482 Every week on Monday @ 1:00 PM


Virtual Socialization

Meeting ID: 83369471209 Every week on Tue 10:00 am


Meeting ID: 82047379849

Every week on Tue @ 1:00 PM


Cultural Presentation

Meeting ID: 83205722295 Every week on Wed 10:00 am


Meeting ID: 896 4313 7655 Every week on Wed @ 1:00 PM


How It’s Made

Meeting ID: 86454179605 Every week on Thu @ 10:00 am

Bollywood Dance

Meeting ID: 81921819728

Every week on Thurs @1:00 PM

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RFCSL Holiday October 11 2021 Thanksgiving Day

RFCSL Holiday
December 24, 2021, In Lieu of Christmas Day
December 27, 2021, In Lieu of Boxing Day
December 28, 2021, In lieu of Remembrance Day
December 29, 2021, In Floating Day
December 30, 2021, In Mandatory Day off (Vacation or Leave)
December 31, 2021, In Lieu of New Year’s Day, 2022