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Open futures Learning is online Multiple Learning Formats. You can use Open Future Learning on a computer, tablet, or phone. Their Audio Learning Modules are perfect for learning on the go. Their Side by Side Learning Modules have been created so that support staff and the people they support can learn together.

Although we have 7 mandatory course modules you are encouraged you to expand your learning by completing as many modules they have to offer that would benefit you and the individuals you support. Several new modules have been added to Open Futures Online Learning including Growing Older, Looking After My Mental Health, and many, many more………. check it out!

To comply with Resourceful Futures competence and practical skills, every staff, subcontractor and Respite worker needs to complete Open futures Learning courses , we have 7 mandatory course modules that need to be completed with in 3 months of hire and renewed on renewal dates

  1. Abuse Prevention (long Version)
  2. Boundaries
  3. Challenging Behaviors
  4. Intensive interactions
  5. Person-Centered Approaches, Thinking and planning
  6. Understanding and Promoting Rights
  7. Active Support  

If you have a any question or concern regarding Open Future Learning please contact kendral@resourcefulfutures.org or call on 587-747-1182.

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