Newsletter October 2021

Issued Quarterly October 2021 In this Issue Check out Resourceful Futures new Website: www. Message from Pandemic C./Mentor A Few months ago, Resourceful Futures

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RFCSL Newsletter July 2021

RESOURCEFUL FUTURESIssued Quarterly July 2021 In this Issue: Message from Rob H. (CET Result) Community Access Reopening Plan Client Corner Director’s Corner July 2021 Creating

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Closures For 2022

Resourceful Futures Community Access Program (including outreach) will NOT be operating on the following days: The Community Access Program is currently closed to services, however,

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RFCSL Holiday February 21, 2022 Monday, Family Day

RFCSL Holiday April 15, 2022 Good Friday

RFCSL Holiday May 23, 2022 Monday Victoria Day

RFCSL Holiday July 1, 2022 Friday Canada Day

RFCSL Holiday August 1, 2022 Monday Heritage Day

RFCSL Holiday September 5, 2022 Monday Labour Day

RFCSL Holiday October 10, 2022 Monday Thanksgiving Day

RFCSL Holiday
December 26, 2022 Monday Boxing Day
December 27, 2022 Tuesday In lieu of Christmas Day
December 28, 2022 Wednesday In lieu of Remembrance Day
December 29, 2022 Thursday In lieu of Floating Day
December 30, 2022 Friday In lieu of New Year’s Eve 2023

RFCSL Holiday October 11 2021 Thanksgiving Day

RFCSL Holiday
December 24, 2021, In Lieu of Christmas Day
December 27, 2021, In Lieu of Boxing Day
December 28, 2021, In lieu of Remembrance Day
December 29, 2021, In Floating Day
December 30, 2021, In Mandatory Day off (Vacation or Leave)
December 31, 2021, In Lieu of New Year’s Day, 2022